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The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch – a therapy that combines energy work with the experience of human contact – may be unfamiliar to you, but the power of touch certainly not.  Think of how you felt the last time you had a massage or were held by a loved one.  Touch is an amazingly simple thing, but it can have profound effects on our health, both from the moment we’re brought into this world and through the rest of our lives.

The Science of Touch

The Science of Touch;-When we receive touch a signal to our brain, which then triggers the release of Oxytocin – commonly known at the ‘happy hormone’ – as well as the two other hormones Serotonin and Dopamine.

Along with boosting the happy hormones its been proven to lower the hormone cortisol – a key component in our stress response and while this is essential for quick reactions in emergencies when present long term,  even in lower quantities,  its harmful for the overall health of our body.

Here are the Benefits of Touch

The Benefits;- Research has shown the Power of Touch can be helpful for;

Creating an overall sense of wellbeing

Decreasing anxiety and depression

Minimizing stress and promoting relaxation

Encouraging increased emotional awareness and calming

Deepening one’s spiritual awareness nurturing and promoting the body’s inherent healing abilities

Easing acute and chronic conditions

Helping to alleviate physical pain and ease trauma

The Power of Touch can especially benefit people with neck and back pain, headaches, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, IBS and other stress-related conditions.

Generally after a massage clients usually feel cleansed, balanced, peaceful, clear in though, grounded, light, hopeful and restored.  You may feel a deeper connection to yourself or have new insights into patterns or issues in your life.


Yes people we really cannot deny to HEALING POWER OF TOUCH