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Fake or Factor

Summer equals sun and we want you to be ready to enjoy the sun when it makes it’s appearance. There are two ways of tanning your face, expose yourself to the harmful rays or to fake it. We are not opposed to some Vitamin D but we need to be smart and safe and protect our skin from all the harmful effects of the sun. There is nothing like the feeling of sun on your face, if you have factored in SPF daily you can enjoy that feeling without doing damage and encouraging those wrinkles.


Decleor Hydra Floral Anti Pollution Hydrating Fluid SPF 30 is an ELM favourite. It has all the benefits of the Hydra Floral with the added SPF. Trilogy have a formula of SPF that is lighter than the zinc based formulas and gives a lovely light finish, Trilogy Vital Moisturising cream SPF15.  Skinceuticals have great daily moisturisers in both SPF30 and SPF50 with different textures to suit your preference, ELM’s favourite is Skinceuticals Brightening UV Defence SPF30. La Roche -Posay Anthelios is a light fluid that sits very well under make up and under your regular moisturiser. If you don’t want to change your moisturiser and you don’t want to layer up using an SPF after your moisturiser Garnier are after bringing out a mist with SPF30 that can be put on over your makeup. I think this is an essential for every handbag.Garnier Hydra Bomb Protect Hydrating Mist


Faking it is the safest way and there is nothing like a healthy glow to give an instant pick me up.

It’s hard to feel right about putting your body fake tan on your face, it feels like you are asking for a breakout. Some say they are suitable for the face but if you have a separate product you can use it to give you a hint of a glow even if you are not doing the full body tan.

There are an increasing number of oils that can be added to your moisturiser, Clarins have a lovely one Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster.  There is another product called Tan-Luxe which is amazing and is available in two shades. St Tropez do an oil that you put 2-3 drops on underneath your moisturiser and it developed overnight. It’s very natural and not at all oily so no breakouts! Here in ELM we love all in one products, anything that makes life easier. Lancome has an SPF50 cream with a tan developer in it, need we say anymore!! Lancome Soliel Dry Touch Face Bronzer.


Be Safe and Be Beautiful tips for Summer

We keep our sunglasses in our bag all year round so why don’t we keep our SPF? There is an option to suit everyone but the main thing is to make it daily, find a moisturiser you love with factor in it. Chanel have just launched a new foundation with SPF25. It’s difficult to get the consistency of foundation right with the addition of SPF, this is the exception and is an amazing product. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation

  • Protect your beautiful skin from sun damage and make SPF part of everyday, even the grey days
  • Put SPF on your hands
  • Top up SPF with Garnier mist
  • Don’t add up SPFs that are in your moisturiser and foundation, SPF10+SPF15=SPF25, it doesn’t work like that!
  • Have a separate day and night cream, it doesn’t cost you any more
  • Wear sunglasses to protect around the eye area and to help stop those frown lines
  • Be ready with SPF in your bag for when the sun comes out, lobster is not a good or healthy look!

Products mentioned are available in ELM Beauty, Morrissey’s Pharmacy and other Pharmacies nationwide.

Summer Ready with ELM