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Environmental Damage

The 2 main sources of Environmental Damage to the skin are –

The Sun



The Sun causes Oxidative Damage and Stress on the skin as it penetrates so deep into the skin. The sun gives of 2 very different harmful rays of light.


* UVA – Also known As the AGEING RAY.

Is a long beam of light that reaches into the Dermis layer of our skin which is the deep layer. Where are Elastin & Collagen Fibers are stored which speeds up the ageing process on our skin.

* UVB – Also known As the BURNING RAY.

Is a short beam of light the reaches the Epidermis top layer of our skin which we can see. This beam of light causes burning on our skin. The skin burns as it is trying very hard to protect itself from the exposed sunlight, so it speeds up the production of Melanin (Skin Pigment) to protect the body from the harmful beam of light.


Pollution is a major concern everywhere  and it is also BAD for our skin. There have been studies done, that have found that pollution Accelerates Ageing and Wrinkles on the skin as well as many other skin problems. There has also been recent studies that have took place out of the City ,to see if the Countryside has a different effect on the skin but believe it or not Farming communities also have the same high level of pollution levels as City pollution levels have on the skin.


*Dermis Layer Effects – Deep skin Layer.

Pollution causes the Degeneration of the connective tissue which is your Hyloronic Acid level that holds your Collagen and Elastin in the skin and keeps it suspended.

*Epidermis Layer Effects –  Top skin Layer.

Pollution causes the Depletion of Vitamin E in the top layer of our skin which effects our skin’s Barrier. Free Radicals are enemies of our Skin’s Health and Radiance. There is always a constant level of this as we can not avoid it but we can protect ourselves from this by using an SPF daily.


Maybe using the Ultimate Power Couple for your Skin!



The Ultimate Power Couple

When we think of a power couple we think of the likes of Victoria & David Beckham, Michelle & Barack O’Bama & Prince Harry & Meghan!..

Why not Have the Ultimate Power Couple for your Skin!…

A Topical Antioxidant & A Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, they provide powerful protection against photo-ageing & the appearance of skin ageing.


ANTIOXIDANTS – 1st Line of Defence

Antioxidants PREVENT inside. Efficient Antioxidants neutralize Free Radicals and Strengthen skin’s internal defence against environmental aggressors such as UVA , UVB & Pollution allowing the skin to self Repair for visible Anti – Ageing Correction.

SUNSCREEN – 2nd Line of Defence

Sunscreens PROTECT on the surface. Broad spectrum sunscreens reflect and absorb UVA & UVB rays from the skin’s surface to protect against photo-ageing but do not provide complete from Free Radical damage.

What can also help to PROTECT you from the SUN..

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat outdoors is great way to protect your hair, eyes, and skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. … Also, a wide-brimmed hat can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Wearing a hat with protective sunglasses can keep you from squinting and help prevent wrinkles around your eyes.