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Irish Mammy Beauty tips?!

“Putting Petrolium Jelly on your eyelashes at night will make them Grow!”

If you have ever tried this you know it does not work, all it does is leave you with greasy eyes, not such a great look! It can also cause puffiness and white bumps (Milia) around the eye area and these are impossible to get rid of.

“Using Mayonnaise in your hair as a mask will leave your hair super silky and soft”

This will leave your hair soft but not for the right reasons, its from all the oil from the mayonnaise that you cannot wash out of hair and it will leave your hair greasy for 2 weeks and the SMELL … Do Not Try!

“Once you start shaving those legs there is no stopping”

The hairs will look and feel much thicker because you have cut the hair at the surface of the skin. So when they grow back they are coarse and stubbly.

Ladies its the very same as before you can trust me! and of coarse it all depends on your hair type Fair or Dark.. Fair hair growth ladies can get away with it but Dark hair growth ladies can’t they have to shave every 2 days –  the Joys!!

“Cucumber reduce any swelling around your eyes”

Cucumber does reduce the swelling around your eyes but it not the actual cucumber that does this. Anything cold will reduce the swelling you could use even a cold spoon it does the very same job!

“Eating Chocolate and Takeaways will give you breakouts!”

Finally this one can be put to rest. Unless you are going to rub the takeaway all over your skin your safe enough there is nothing in chocolate or takeaways that give us spots.

This is not a reason to order a takeaway tonight or a sugar binge. In fact foods that are high in Iodine like sushi, shellfish or soy sauce are linked to causing breakouts!

"Sayings ", of an Irish Mammy

” Where did you get that cough”

“Haven’t you enough Gallivanting done, now for one week? “

” At All, At All “

” Don’t be using the Good Scissors for that! “

” Those Biscuits are for the Visitors “

” Where’s the wooden spoon? “

” Don’t Be Actin’ Da Maggot”

” Did you say a prayer to Saint Antony? “

” Will you have it in a bowl or with a Wafer ? “

” There is Great drying out today! “

” There’s a grand Auld stretch in the Evenings”

” A little Birdie told me”

” If you fall off the wall and Break your legs, Don’t come running to Me! “

” Happy Be the Man that get’s You”

” Because I said so, That’s Why ! “

” Wait til your father get’s home “

” Would you like a cuppa Scald? “


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