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New Year - New Skin

10th Jan 2017

After the party season we are all feeling a bit in need of a recharge and looking forward to a fresh start. Late nights and naughty treats are now probably starting to show on the skin’s surface.

Do not feel too bad, the truth is regardless of the Christmas indulgence we would all be in need of a deep skin detox, even the best of us.

The reality is every day our skin is fighting environmental exposure,  pollution causing free radical damage from everything and anything!

Dust, smog, cold weather, central heating, food, drinks, exercise, smoking, illness, hormones, stress, sun & daylight exposure and  incorrect usage of products being among the top causes of skin damage. You would have to be living in a bubble not to be effected!

This in combination with highly fragrant and toxic products is leading people to suffer from higher levels of sensitivity which causes the skin to age faster….and no one wants this am I right?

According to research done by the international dermal institute approximately 36% of the population in China has declared themselves as sensitive a condition that may in fact be attributed to the high level of pollution in both rural and urban parts of this region.

Toxic skin has been aggravated my lifestyle and may have become sensitized as a result.

How might toxic or sensitized skin look? Dull & tired, or flushed and blotchy, or you may be experiencing some breakouts or under the surface congestion as a result. What can we do to minimize this damage?

Must haves for your skin detox


  1. Get a skin analysis: Its free and will allow your skin specialist to provide the best advice and product recommendation to suit your particular skin and give you advice on protecting it going forward.


  • Double cleanse: Cleanse your skin twice before you go to bed and ensure all makeup and surface pollutants are removed completely so they can not damage your skin while you sleep.


  • Exfoliate: At least once a week (depending on your skin) this will remove dead skin cells from the surface and avoid them blocking or clogging the follicles causing breakouts or underlying congestion including blackheads.


  • Mask: When you have busy times coming up or special occasions i would recommend investing in a good mask packed with vitamins and lots of hydrating humectants or detoxing clay to absorb impurities depending on skin condition/type.


  • Serum/Booster: A concentrated serum or booster will turbo charge yours skin’s regeneration and will mean you use less of your moisturizing products as they will triple boost the effect. Serums offer you purity, rejuvenation and an injection of hydration to leave you looking and feeling renewed fast!


  • A Good Moisturizer: A good moisturizer ensures your skin cells work effectively and plumps the skin tissue as well as protect your skin from free radical exposure and in turn slowing the ageing process and reducing skin sensitivity. If possible always get a moisturizer with environmental protection or high level of antioxidants to neutralize free radical damage on the skin. It goes without saying don’t forget your spf to protect you from daylight & sunlight damages daily you can often find a moisturizer with spf built in to save time and avoid forgetting this vital step in a healthy skin routine.

To book your free skin analysis  call Elm Beauty on 059-9181118 or book our Decleor detox facial by clicking the link below. Book Decleor Detox Facial

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