Make-Up Trends AW2017 - Elm Beauty

Brown Shadow

The smoky eye will always be a staple make up trend, Like the red lip it’ll never go out of fashion. Lately we are seeing a lot of subtle smoky eyes, using very limited number of shadows and not defining the eyes too much.

How to:

  •  3 shadows (base colour, Light brown and a darker shade of brown), a good mascara and if you want to pop a bit of liner in the water line fire away.
  • Once you have the lid covered in the base colour, use the lighter shade all over the lid, blending it out into the crease and under the bottom lash line, then with the darker shade follow the exact same step!
  • If you want a more sultry defined look, pop in a dark brown liner in your waterline and then pop on some mascara and your everyday on trend smoky eye is ready to go.

Great to make blue and green eyes pop.

Photo Credit- Pinterest

Ombre Lip

Everyone has heard of the Ombre Lip trend but for any of you that haven’t, its when you use two or more lip colours to create an effect that is cooler than the colours you are using in the first place.

How to:

  • The darkest colour goes on the outer edges and the lighter shade’s placed on the inner parts of the lips.
  • Then you blend the lighter colour into the darker colour. The blend of colours should look smooth and effortless, easier said than done! This technique does take a little bit of practice but once you get the hang of it you’ll be glad you did all those practice runs.

So, why all the effort? If you use a light shade in the centre, your pout is going to look fuller while using a darker shade on the outer edges your lips are going to look super defined. Plus you get to play with more of your favourite lip shades.


Photo Credit- Pinterest

Lashes- no liner

Ladies, put down the liquid liner, the days of lashes and big wings are behind us. A new trend that is taking the make up industry by storm is whispy, flirty lashes with a subtle eye and NO liner. It’s becoming all about the lash. You can have this look with an all over smoky eye or if you are brave enough to add a pop of colour to your lids. The flirtier the lash the better.

  • Lash Perm is the perfect way to enhance your eyelashes making the best of your own lashes
  • Express lashes are 2 week lashes that are a quick way to give your own lashes that boost
  • Strip lashes are great for the once off use
  • Semi-Permenant lashes are a sure way to get the lashes no liner look that lasts
  • There are some fantastic mascaras that are perfect for this loo, an ELM favourite is Maybelline’s Push Up Nagel Mascara

Less coverage-more freckles

For years women have been covering up there freckles with high coverage foundations to achieve that flawless finish but now freckles are in and if you have them its time to embrace your natural beauty marks. There are many ways to nail this look is but here is our favourites!

  •  Mineral foundation- Mineral foundation gives you an even complexion without caking the skin, allowing your freckles to shine through. Using a brush, lightly cover the skin in the foundation. Avoid applying too much around the lip area, you don’t want to look like you have a foundation moustache.
  • BB Cream- If you want to look like you are wearing foundation but only want a subtle glow to the skin.
  • Tinted moisturiser- For those days that you do not want to wear foundation but give your skin that bright fresh look. Tinted moisturiser themed with mascara and a rosy pink lip and you have the hallmarks of holiday glow.

Photo Credit- Pinterest

Metallic Eyes

Liquid eye shadows are becoming more and more popular, taking away from the use of loose glitter pigments for creating that metallic eye trend.

How to:

  • Create a base for the metallic colour, The darker the metallic effect the darker the base.
  • Blend out your base colour and pop on your metallic effect. You are best adding the metallic colour little by little depending on how intense you want the look to be. If you are brave or skilled enough mix metallic shades for a little more definition on your lids, blend darker shades into the crease or popping a lighter shade into the tear duct.
  • Finish the look with some lashes and you are right on trend.


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