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LED in Beauty

Our skin starts to show first signs of ageing in our 20’s. It starts to loose elasticity, you might notice small lines appearing or some dyspigmentation. There is a rise in invasive procedures that are becoming more and more popular from a young age. These treatments should not be the first thing people try. A good skincare regime and some non-invasive treatments should be tried to be believed.


No need for resurfacing or needles, just a relaxing facial with some time under the lights.

Light Therapy became popular in the 1960’s when it was realised that laser therapy had the potential to improve wound healing and help pain and inflammation. Phototherapy exposes the skin to low levels of light, the wavelength, fluence, power and timing of this light is of paramount importance. The Lightfusion device was developed by a lady who was involved in the development of the most widely used medical LLLT(Low Level Light Therapy) device Omnilux and she designed Lightfusion specifically for use in the beauty industry. There are two different waves of red light that give maximum results. There are so many LED devices on the market but the studies behind these waves of red lights give Lightfusion the edge.


At the most basic level LLLT induces a photochemical reaction in the cell. It can help promote wound healing. It is a great addition to chemical peels, it speeds healing and appearance by up to 60%. It alleviates pain and inflammation and it a great add on therapy to a back massage or to hands that may suffer from arthritis. The process known as photorejuvenation increases synthesis of collagen and elastin, hydrates and enhances overall cellular metabolism. Anything that increases metabolism is always a plus!!

What you can expect from a Lightfusion LED facial

The pods are contoured to your face and they are extremely comfortable which makes this facial a relaxing one. One treatment will have your skin looking more radiant and feeling more hydrated, perfect for a special event or after a holiday in the sun. A course of treatments will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone and reduce pore size.The treatment helps to reduce brown spots and pigmentation.  


The treatment is an amazing add on to chemical peels, increasing the recovery time and giving a more natural result following the healing time. It is suitable for all skin types and it’s an non-invasive and relatively inexpensive way to fight ageing. We are proud to be the only salon in Ireland to offer Lightfusion.

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