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Hello Brows!

30th Jan 2017

The eyes are the keys to the soul and the brows are the frames them to showcase them to the world! It can draw someone’s attention for the right reasons or the wrong reasons-to ensure it is the right reasons it is always a good idea to leave it to the professionals. There are so many eye treatments now on the market with some salons having a dedicated brow bar ( Elm Beauty -Tullow) and some salons that are eye treatments only (Up To My Eyes-Greystones) because the demand for eye treatments is so high.

One brow service that is standing out from the crowd is Hi Brow a personalized brow design service with several steps to the perfect brows.


I recently had the pleasure to try this service and here was my experience…………


The therapists started off with measuring my brows which made me quite nervous after years of tweezing as a teen and letting people practice on me in college and after in training therapists myself my brows weren’t looking too healthy to say the least!


Sure enough my brows were completely different sizes and widths and shapes even, i wasn’t surprised but was excited by the thought that someone might be able to help me getting a bit more definition and structure on them, even as a trained beauty therapists doing your own brows is always a challenge!  It’s always best to get the help of another professional.


Laura started off with applying a specially formulated tint applied to my brows in a thick coating and left to process for about five minutes which passed really quickly as i  chatted to my therapist about tips on brow care and the importance of not being tempted to pluck while i waited to allow them to thicken up.


The  next step was to Shape up the unruly brows and tame the beasts to help get the transformation started.

My therapists used a mixture of threading and waxing to define the shape, and reassured me that brows should be sisters not twins in an effort to calm my panic after the measurement process earlier.


A true professional Laura kept me informed of the steps as she worked through and checked in with my comfort levels. I had warned Laura i was a big wimp before we started our treatment and i have to say it wasn’t as uncomfortable as i had perceived. It would be impossible to make threading & waxing a completely painless experience, but Laura did make it a surprisingly comfortable service.


The service was finished using the hi brow brow kit and some camouflage to reduce redness after shaping and help with brow definition.


I was amazed at the results of the service, my brows that were thin, patchy and uneven where now more defined & thicker looking without looking unnatural. I would highly recommend the service to anyone and my therapist Laura also. The treatment gave me renewed confidence in my brows and left me feeling and looking much improved.


Book your Hi Brow service today by clicking the link beside Book Hi Brows Here!  Please note a patch test is required 24 hours ahead of this treatment.

Should you have any questions regarding this service or any other offerings.

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Thank you for reading! 

xx ELM Beauty