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Hair Removal With A Twist.........

You might be surprised to hear threading is not a new craze and has in fact been around for thousands of years to remove hair and add definition to the brows. It originates from Asia although where exactly is unknown but we are delighted that it has made its way into popularity on this side of the ocean.


Why we love threading!

  1. Gentle Treatment causing no damage to collagen or elastin fibres of the skin as thread is used with precision,  targeting individual hairs.


  1. Strong Definition and shape to the brows, as therapists works above and below the brow.


  1. Versatile and can be used anywhere on the face and neck.


  1. Hygienic using an antibacterial thread that is dispensed as needed and held in a protective case.


  1. Good for sensitive skins that can not tolerate waxing or other hair removal solutions.


Threading Myth Busted!

Threading breaks the hair Not true! threading is an epilation method just like waxing and removes hair from the follicle leaving you with results that last just as long as waxing and skin just as smooth!

Before & After

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