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Long luscious lashes have always been linked to flirting & romance and drawing in attention even in Victorian times- hence the saying “batting the lashes”.

For years mascara has been a must have staple product in ladies makeup bags, but now we have stepped things up and taken lashes to a new level with more advanced and detailed lash services.

One of the must be experienced lash treatments is Mink lashes an easy 2 week lash treatment that leaves you with perfect voluminous and lengthy lashes.

Lashes feel natural and extended and enhance your own lashes giving you an amazing result!


Whats Involved?

Individual lashes will lace your own lashes applied with a specially formulated glue paste that you won’t see or feel on the delicate eye area. The idea is to enhance your natural lashes and add volume & length. You will need to be comfortable with having work on your eye so if you get creeped out by people at your eyes this treatment isn’t for you, maybe try express lashes instead.

What to expect from your treatment?

The treatment is carried out by a qualified lash technician who will carry out your service. The lashes will be applied individually so it can take up to 1 hour for your treatment. Lashes come in various lengths your lash technician will check with you as to your goals and lash aspirations ahead of the service to to deliver the results you’re looking for.


Aftercare Following Treatment

  • Keep the eye area dry for the first 48 hrs.
  • Use can use an oil free eye makeup remover after the first 48 hrs.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing or friction on lashes.
  • Avoid cotton pads on eye area when wearing lash extensions.
  • You must return to the salon for removal of the lashes so they can be removed safely by your technician.
  • No mascara to be used on the extended lashes (you wont need it- trust me!)

If you want to get flirty with this 2 week lash treatment you can book your service by clicking the link below.

Any questions on the service please contact a member of the ELM Beauty team on 0599181118

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