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Did you know?..

Before you schedule in your waxing appointment with us learn more about the products we use.

Our waxes which we use is manufactured in Australia by Caron renowned the world over for superior salon products.  Only the highest quality of ingredients are used in our waxes.

Did you know most waxing products contain Chinese Gum Rosin which cause allergic reactions?..

Well we don’t think this is good enough! Our waxes which we use here in ELM are tested to strict quality control measures so you get exceptional results every time.

Types of Wax


This wax is the most well known type. This product is used with a wax strip to remove hair. This method is loved because it is quick.  It can be used on legs, underarm, arms, eyebrows, lip and top line of bikini line only.

Our strip wax is formulated with Titanium Dioxicide which helps eliminate redness and irritation of the skin. It glides on smoothly for the most pleasurable waxing experience with no pain.


This type of wax is smeared on the skin in a thick patch and removed with out any wax strips. The wax cools and then hardens around the hair. This method is mostly used for Bikini lines as it is very gentle for delicate areas and underarms. Our wax has a creamy texture with exotic coconuts and high flex formula which will transport you to a tropical paradise!

Think palm trees,white sands and Beautiful skin without the usual post wax redness and irritation.


Pick your wax and Relax...

With Summer just around the corner your probably starting to  thinking about the different swimsuits and bikini wax style your going to opt for?..

Waxing ensures that you will be hair free for longer without the possibility of a cut from shaving.

If you have never had your bikini line waxed before you are probably unaware of  what style to choose.

There are many different options for a bikini wax and ultimately what style you go for is completely down to personal taste.

Standard Bikini Line –

 Basic type of Bikini line wax, simply a tidy up that removes any hair that can be seen while wearing a bikini/swimsuit. So from the upper thighs and just outside the panty line and also just the top that might just peek over the waist band.


Extended Bikini Line – 

This removes all of the hair that would be taken off with a Standard Bikini Line, but takes it deeper around the legs, and may shape it into more of a triangle by taking more off of the top. This type of waxing is for those who want to keep some hair but want it to look neat.


Brazilian Bikini Line – 

One of the most popular Bikini Lines and one that should be left to the Professionals. Removing most of the hair to the front of the Bikini line leaving a Strip/Triangle also know as the Landing strip also removing most of the hair from the back of Bikini line. This is a perfect style for wearing a thong Bikini as no hair will be visible front or back. Which also leaves a small amount of hair for anyone who does not want to be completely hair free.


Hollywood Bikini Line –  

If your feeling daring enough for this style we definitely recommend leaving it up to us! The Hollywood Bikini line is just about as far as you can go with Bikini waxing and is the style to go for if you don’t want any hair left. Completely removing hair from the Front of Bikini line and Back of Bikini line.




Eraise Ingrowing hairs





Ingrowing hairs can happen to anyone but they can be more common to people who have curly coarse hair. Curly hair is more likely to bend back and re enter the skin, especially if it’s been shaved or cut.

We have an answer for this that will eraise those unwanted hairs.

Its Bump Eraiser, it’s a highly concentrated spot treatment to eliminate ingrown hairs, razor bumps and pimples. It reduces redness and swelling while prevention infection. Scientifically formulated with Triclosan & Tea tree oil, Salicylic Acid & Vitamin A to draw out the infection rapidly without causing trauma to the skin. For rapid results apply a band aid over the problem area as this will speed up healing. Suitable for all area of the body. Use twice per day or as often as needed.