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Brows Reborn!

Brows are the frames to eyes and a key feature of the face,  good brows add  symmetry  and definition but we are all not so lucky to have the perfect brows.

Treatments for brows such as hi brow and hd brows have becoming popular in later years but what if you don’t have any brows or they are super sparse? Maintenance will be costly and time consuming… what if there was a better treatment one that offered more permanency without having to worry about further treatments? Now you can with the arrival of microblading and the amazing Phi brow service now available.

Phi brows will give you natural life like brows with the use of permanent pigment applied with thin sterile tools.

With varying colours and customised mixes of pigment to give you the colour effect you are looking for. A detailed consultation with your brow technician will ensure you get the best shape with careful measuring and discussion to bring about the result and meet your expectations.

Microblading and phi brows are popular with clients whose hair no longer grows due to illness or overdoing hair removal over the years.

Phi Brows is a globally recognized and certified professional brow treatment with only the best therapists qualifying in the treatment technique, so you can be assured you are in the best hands.

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