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ELM's Beauty Tips to get Wedding Ready

Your wedding day is one of the days in your life that all eyes are on you and you want to look your best. You want to feel your most beautiful for all these eyes, for all the photos and most of all for the love of your life that’s waiting for you at the end of that aisle.This calls for you to up your game in your beauty regime and treatments.

Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

Beautiful skin makes for beautiful makeup. Get your skin looking radiant and you will feel great. Easier said than done in one of the most busy and stressful times in your life. Start by getting your daily routine effective. Drinking plenty of water is a must to get your skin healthy from inside out.

  • Cleanse and Tone ; whether you like a milky cleanser, an oil cleanser, a micellar water or a wash it’s up to you but make sure all your makeup is off and your skin is clean before you apply your moisturiser. This is essential for clear pores to minimise breakouts and to avoid dull looking skin.
  • Exfoliate; it’s the one step we all have good intentions to do and for a couple of weeks we are great until it falls by the wayside. Monday is a great day to exfoliate, after the extra tan and makeup from the weekend it will give a deep cleanse. Friday is another great day before all the tan and the makeup of the weekend…this brings me onto my next essential step
  • Don’t forget the body; moisture your body and exfoliate at least once a week, do this on whatever day you tan. If you don’t tan do it on the day you are the most energetic in the week or have the most time. If you have rough bumpy skin on your upper arms moisturising during the week will help.
  • Moisturise; this is so important to get right. Use the right cream for your skin. Boost your cream by using a serum or oil and a mask once a week will give you results you can see immediately. We’re all for making life easy, and the new Decleor product is amazing, it’s a sleep in mask that you put on instead of your moisturiser and leave it on overnight, the results are amazing.  
  • Eye cream; another one that we have great intentions about and only lasts a few weeks. Try get into the habit of using an eye cream, it makes such a difference with those fine lines and this habit once formed will forever keep giving.


There are some extra things you can do on the run up to the big day. A series of facials is a great idea to help you skin. Facials can penetrate to a deeper level giving you skin a boost. There are 30 minute facials that are as effective that won’t cost you the earth. Decleor AurAbsolu Glow Power facial is amazing.


Light therapy is another way of getting a boost for that glow on your skin. Adding an LED treatment to a facial is a firm favourite of celebrities before a big event. This would be something to consider the weekend before the big day.

Beauty Tips from Brows to Toes

Nails need to be in good condition, anyone guilty of picking off shellac for years? There are treatments you can put on before your polish or there are in salon treatments that are so effective and can work in two or three treatments depending on the damage. Then it’s up to you to decide on colour, nail art and style, the fun part!



Our feet are often forgotten about, treat yourself to a deluxe pedicure, you won’t be sorry. It’ll benefit both the day and the honeymoon after.


Hair removal

Even if it’s something you haven’t done or considered before it’s worth thinking about getting any hairs removed from your lip and chin area. It makes for a flawless finish on makeup. Don’t get it done too close to the big day if you’ve never had it done before it takes a while to get used to. Bikini ready for the honeymoon is a must.



Get a trial tan before the big day and photograph it. Tan tends to come out more orange in photos than in real life and no one wants to be a tangoed bride! An alternative is a gradual tan, it means you are in control of how dark you go and it can look very natural.



Your makeup trial is very important. Be true to who you are on a daily basis. If you don’t wear that much makeup don’t go overboard on the day and if you are used to wearing a lot of makeup don’t wear tons extra just because it’s your big day. You want to feel the best version of you but you want to look like yourself. Get used to any products that your makeup artist suggests so you are comfortable on the day.



A white, bright smile will be your loveliest accessory on the day. An electric toothbrush is revolutionary. Get teeth cleaned and if you want to splurge get them whitened.


Most of all believe in your beauty, your happiness will be your glow and your beauty.


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