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If you haven’t yet tried a facial please make sure you add it to your to do list.  A facial is an experience that every woman and man should experience and is an any season must have!

If you’re looking for a facial that is more about awaking the senses and reinvigorating the skin with aroma cocktails and powerful potent humectants and botanicals look no further. The Decleor Vitamin glow facial is the one for you! it is not just about going through the motions this facial is a luxurious experience and an aromatic journey that works on not just the face and neck but the back, hands and arms so you feel you have had an all over treatment and a real skincare investment.

What To Expect?

  • Your trained Decleor therapist will do a skin consultation and skin assessment with you to find out more about your skin health and routine.
  • You will start with a heavenly back touch treatment a 15 min massage to put you at ease and start the relaxation process.
  • You will then turn around and your therapist will cleanse, tone, exfoliate to cleanse and slough off old skin cells preparing the skin for the more active solutions to follow.
  • Skin is massaged using a specially tailored massage designed to centre and relax the mind and tone and condition  the skin with a personalize aromessence oil to suit your needs.
  • This fantastic massage will be followed with a mask to hydrate, nourish and illuminate the skin tissue giving you a refreshed and youthful appearance.
  • While the mask is setting on your face you can enjoy a hand and arm massage using aromatherapy based balms to further induce relaxation or invigorate the mind and spirit depending on your preference.
  • Mask is removed with warm towels and skin is refreshed with toning products.
  • The treatment closes out with targeted treatment products to address your skin concerns, eye and skin moisturizing.
  • Before you leave you will receive your most important skincare advice from your skin specialist and home care recommendations.

To book your Decleor Vitamin Glow Facial click the link below or call a member of the team on 0599181118 should you have any esquires at any stage.

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